Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Revenge - er, Return of the screenings!

Look out, folks. Sir Critic is back!

Granted, I haven't really gone anywhere, but lately I've been a little scarce in these parts. Chalk it up to a truly awful time I had last year, which broke me of the blogging habit and - if I'm being honest with myself, made me more than a little lazy about posting here.

Well, laziness begone! Thanks to the good folks at the Owens Group in Cincinnati, I will once again be attending preview screenings. Those are the ones you usually hear about on the radio - be the 43rd caller, and you win passes to Battleship! (Insert ironic eyebrows here.) To cut to the chase, that means I will be able to post reviews for some movies the day said movies come out - like I used to do when my blog was hosted by my employer.

However, I will be posting on this blog. And I will not be able to make every screening. I cover the city of Fairfield for my paper, and work obligations must come first. (To any of my bosses reading this - hey there!) I had to sacrifice Tim Burton's Dark Shadows tonight, although maybe that's just as well since the reviews aren't terribly enthused. It looks like Men in Black 3 won't work out either, alas. I'll still see and review those films, I just won't be able to publish those reviews the day of their release. But I'll get them up here as soon as I can after I see them.

I also won't see every movie on the screening schedule. As a general rule, I avoid movies starring Adam Sandler, and I won't strain my brain to see That's My Boy. One of the advantages of being a critic on my own dime is I can make my own picks and pans. But I won't avoid every painful experience. Besides, it's too much damn fun to rake Michael Bay over the coals. And this way, I won't have to voluntarily give him my money.

But I want to accentuate the positive. Hopefully I can start day and date screenings very soon. So you keep your eyes peeled, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to screen a certain movie with a football field imploding and Anne Hathaway in a very tight outfit. For I am web film critics' reckoning.

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