Friday, February 03, 2012

New movies Feb. 3 2012

Big Miracle: Drew Barrymore saves the whales. Can't muster up a lot of interest for this, even though the reviews aren't half bad.

Chronicle: Initially, I rolled my eyes at yet another "found footage" movie, especially since the two most recent ones, Apollo 18 and The Devil Inside, are allegedly awful. But this one is pulling down some surprisingly strong reviews - strong enough that I may check it out.

The Woman in Black: Even though I was never a huge Potterphile, I am very curious to see how Daniel Radcliffe fares in his first big post-Potter movie role. The good news is, it's being released under the legendary Hammer films banner. The bad news is, CBS Films is selling it with cheesy Paranormal Activity-type ads showing people cowering in theaters. Audience participation ads tend to be a sign of iffy quality. We'll see. 

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