Friday, January 27, 2012

New Movies Jan. 27 2012

Can it be? Posts from Sir Critic three days in a row??

Well, yes, it can, because one thing I'm going to start doing again in this cyberspace is offering sharp but pithy thoughts on the new releases Friday. So that established ....

The title links go to Metacritic, which I find to be a more helpful barometer of critical opinion then Rotten Tomatoes (ducks fried green one).

A Dangerous Method: Cronenberg's latest hasn't gotten as much attention as one might guess, considering the subject matter (Jung v Freud) and the cast, but I'll check it out because Cronenberg has never bored me.

The Descendants: Goes wider after getting a bevy of Oscar nominations. See it. You must.  My review.

The Grey - No matter how good or bad it is, this will forever be known as the movie wherein Liam Neeson punches a werewolf - truly a strange turn in his late career as an action star. Reviews for this are actually pretty decent, but I'll probably still avoid it because I'm not a fan of director Joe Carnahan. I thought Narc was good but overrated, and the dreary, dull Smokin' Aces still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Man on a Ledge: At first I was kind of interested in seeing this, mainly because it had a decent trailer and Elizabeth Banks. Regrettably, the negative reviews are scaring me away. However, the lovely and witty Ms. Banks did a very amusing trailer commentary. If she could do this for the entire movie, I might actually check it out.

One for the Money: Katherine Heigl is in it. Sorry, but by now that's an automatic no.

Ah, January.

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