Sunday, January 01, 2012

Every movie I saw in 2011

Same rules apply as usual: Even if I saw a movie before, if I see it in a theater it goes on the list again once the year turns over. The same does not apply to small-screen viewing. Up to last year, I have not tracked repeat viewings on the small screen, unless it had been a very long time since I had seen a particular movie. To generate more activity on this dusty blog, I may start tracking them again.

And the grades are:

On the Big Screen
  1. Tron Legacy B
  2. Burlesque C
  3. The Dilemma C
  4. The Green Hornet B-
  5. The Way Back  B
  6. Black Swan  A+
  7. No Strings Attached B
  8. Rabbit Hole A-
  9. Blue Valentine A
  10. Inside Job A
  11. Tangled B+
  12. The King’s Speech A+
  13. The Illusionist C+
  14. I Am Number Four C
  15. Red State B+
  16. Rango A-
  17. The Adjustment Bureau B+
  18. Gnomeo and Juliet B
  19. Unknown B-
  20. Hall Pass B-
  21. Paul A-
  22. Limitless B
  23. Sucker Punch C-
  24. Insidious B-
  25. Hanna B+
  26. Jane Eyre A-
  27. Source Code B+
  28. Win Win A
  29. The Conspirator B
  30. Scream 4 B+
  31. Water for Elephants B
  32. Thor B
  33. Bridesmaids A-
  34. Fast Five B
  35. War of the Worlds (53) B+
  36. Robot A-
  37. Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai B+
  38. Late for Dinner B
  39. The People vs. George Lucas B
  40. Iron Man B+
  41. The Giant Gila Monster Z
  42. Troll Hunter C+
  43. The Hangover Part II  B-
  44. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold A-
  45. Cave of Forgotten Dreams A-
  46. Casablanca A+
  47. The Beaver C+
  48. X Men First Class A
  49. Super 8  x2 A
  50. The Tree of Life X2 B+
  51. Midnight in Paris X2 A+
  52. The Room Z
  53. Cars 2 A-
  54. Frenzy A
  55. West Side Story A
  56. The Bride of Frankenstein A
  57. Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein X2 B+
  58. The Bridge on the River Kwai A+
  59. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 A-
  60. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2  X2 A
  61. Captain America B-
  62. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest A
  63. Winnie the Pooh B
  64. Cowboys and Aliens C+
  65. Beginners A
  66. The Adventures of Robin Hood A+
  67. Crazy Stupid Love B+
  68. The Wizard of Oz A+
  69. Rise of the Planet of the Apes A-
  70. Rear Window X2 A+
  71. The Help A-
  72. Drive B+
  73. Contagion B
  74. Friends with Benefits A-
  75. Moneyball  X2 A
  76. Horrible Bosses A-
  77. 30 Minutes or Less F
  78. The Ides of March B+
  79. 50/50 A-
  80. Restless C+
  81. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil A
  82. Attack the Block B
  83. Zombie D
  84. Alien A+
  85. J. Edgar C+
  86. Anonymous D+
  87. Take Shelter B+
  88. The Muppets A
  89. Hugo A+ X3
  90. Martha Marcy May Marlene A-
  91. The Descendants A+
  92. My Week with Marilyn A
  93. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol A
  94. Young Adult A
  95. The Adventures of Tintin B
  96. War Horse B
  97. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo A
  98. We Bought a Zoo B
  99. Arthur Christmas A-
  100. Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows B

On the Small Screen
  1. Flipped A
  2. Bells are Ringing B
  3. All Good Things B
  4. Blue Skies B
  5. The Lion in Winter A
  6. The Book of Eli  C
  7. Exit Through the Gift Shop A-
  8. Frozen A-
  9. A Midsummer Night’s Dream B+
  10. The Human Comedy B
  11. Lucas A
  12. Missing A
  13. Cyrus C+
  14. The Leopard Man A-
  15. Broken Blossoms A-
  16. Marty A-
  17. The More the Merrier A-
  18. Jane Eyre A-
  19. Isle of the Dead A-
  20. Here Comes Mr. Jordan A
  21. Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer A-
  22. Red Dust B+
  23. Z   A-
  24. Victor Victoria B+
  25. The Wolfman C+
  26. Running on Empty A-
  27. These Amazing Shadows A-
  28. The Actress B
  29. Prince of the City A+
  30. Jesus Christ Superstar: C
  31. The Fury B-
  32. Born to Dance B
  33. Wings B
  34. Gasland A-
  35. The Next Three Days C+
  36. Soul Surfer B-
  37. Ride the High Country B+
  38. Shock Corridor B+
  39. Godspell B+
  40. You Don’t Know Jack A-
  41. No Highway in the Sky B
  42. Tamara Drewe B
  43. Young Man with a Horn B+
  44. Land of the Pharaohs B-
  45. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner B+
  46. The Graduate A
  47. Song of the South B+
  48. Let’s Make Love B
  49. Melancholia B+
  50. Big Fan B+


Allison Dickson said...

Heck, I can just use your list to figure out mine! LOL

Anonymous said...

Eric, what qualifies as the small screen? I generally agree with your reviews. I look forward to your blog since there are a lot of (potentially) good movies coming out soon. Andrea