Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trailer peek: Green Lantern, Cars 2, Yogi Bleccch

More long-form reviews are afoot, but first, some more short-form reviews are at hand.

Cars 2: Well, last month's teaser of a teaser wasn't just teasing. Cars 2 really IS about espionage. Not the angle I would have expected - which actually bodes well for the film. Since I didn't unabashedly love the first film, my anticipation for a Pixar film is a little lower than usual. But only a little. PROSPECT : A

Cowboys and Aliens: Wow. Looks really .... kinda .... original! Almost forgot what that was.  I think this just vaulted to the top of my summer-want-to-see-list. PROSPECT: A+

Green Lantern: After the innovative-looking Cowboys and Aliens, Green Lantern looks almost disappointingly straightforward, but Ryan Reynolds was an ideal choice, and director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) remains terminally underrated. I'm in. PROSPECT: B+

Gulliver's Travels: Eeewwww. Normally, I would like the prospect of Jack Black and Emily Blunt working together, but this looks awful. So much so, I'm not gonna even embed the clip here. If you wanna watch this crap, find it yourself. PROSPECT: F

Yogi Bear: So let's see. Not only are we once again taking cute 2D characters and making them into ugly CG versions, but now we can't even get the voice of the main character right. Dan Ackroyd sounds like a drunk jackass at a party trying to imitate Yogi. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake absolutely nails Boo-Boo. Who'd-a thunk? PROSPECT: D

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