Monday, November 01, 2010

The TCM geniuses are at it again

Turner Classic Movies has come up with yet another brilliant programming scheme - quite possibly their best yet.

Throughout this month, starting today, the best channel on TV has a new documentary series exploring the history of Hollywood, from the turn of the century to the late 60s, when the studio system crumbled and the director became the dominant figure.

True to TCM form, however, the documentaries are not the whole show. Tonight for instance, we'll see several of the Edison shorts covered in the first episode. Later this week TCM will show Nickelodeon, Peter Bogdanovich's flawed but fascinating film set during Hollywood's birth years.

And if you are not fortunate enough to have TCM in your home (poor soul), check out the website devoted to the series, chock full of information and clips.

My DVR will be on overload this month with all this stuff - and I may even blog more about it. We may even get some more insight to that commonly expressed sentiment, "They don't make em like that anymore." Join me and find out how they did.

TCM Moguls and Movie Stars

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