Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fall movie preview: October

Ah, October 2010. It's looking to be an important month in a number of ways. Not only is it the month I turn 40, but it's also the month of some of the fall movies I most want to see - and some that I  least want to see.

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Case 39: This wouldn't be one of the movies, but I am sort of intrigued by the idea of Renee Zellweger heading up a horror flick. Let's just hope she's done a better job of picking scripts than she has of late. It would not be good if this were the bloody equivalent of New In Town. PROSPECT: B

Let Me In: This isn't the movie I was referring to either, but I AM very curious to see this one. Since it's the American remake of the well-loved vampire film Let the Right One In, some will dismiss it out of hand. I'm going to give it a chance. The director, Matt Reeves, has talent - he made Cloverfield. And the lead is ideal: she's  Chloe Grace Moretz, a bright young talent who was the best thing about Kick Ass. PROSPECT: B

The Social Network: What's on your mind? Eric Robinette is majorly stoked to see the movie about Facebook's formative years. He also wants to see Rooney Mara, AKA The Girl who Will Play Lisbeth Salander in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake. Eric Robinette likes David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin. GRADE: A


Buried: There was a time when I would have applauded the idea of Ryan Reynolds being buried in a coffin underground, in a schadenfreude sorta way. Now I applaud it for more sincere reasons. The premise and the trailers have got me quite intrigued. PROSPECT: A

Life as we Know It: Katherine Heigl in a romantic comedy. Blah. And to think that once actually sounded attractive. Not after junk like The Ugly Truth. And supposedly Takers. PROSPECT: C

My Soul to Take: Normally I would scoff at 3D horror, but Wes Craven directed. Gotta give him a shot. PROSPECT: B

Secretariat: It has a fine cast with Joan Allen, and a great true-life sports story in the titular horse, but a mediocre director in Randall Wallace (The Man in the Iron Mask) and a mediocre writer in Mike Rich, who piles on the sentimental glop in treacle like Radio. Unless the reviews come in strong, I'll pass. PROSPECT: C

Jackass 3D: How to kill the 3D revival Part I. PROSPECT: F

Red: The good news: This thriller stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. The bad news: It's from the writers of Whiteout and the indistinct director of Flightplan and The Time Traveler's Wife. Wait and see. PROSPECT: C


Hereafter: All you have to say is "Clint Eastwood directs," and I'm in. Don't care what it is. PROSPECT: A

Paranormal Activity 2: I liked the first Blair Witch Project. I heard the Blair Witch sequel sucked. I liked Paranormal Activity. Why do I get the sense history is about to repeat itself? PROSPECT: C


Saw 3D: How to Kill the 3D Revival Part II. PROSPECT: F

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