Thursday, July 01, 2010

The summer in a nutshell

Here is the clearest sign so far that this summer has sucked: 

A movie theater near me has 20 screens. It is playing 8 movies. The lineup?

The A-Team: I've heard it's more like the D-Team.

Grown-Ups: I've heard even Sandler fans don't like this one.

Iron Man 2: Decent, but no more than that. 

The Karate Kid: Maybe if I'm really bored. I can think of better ways to spend two and a half hours.

Knight and Day: I already jousted with this stinker.

The Last Airbender: One can only hope so, based on the stench emanating from the reviews.

Toy Story 3: YAY!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: I am of the wrong age and gender to be persuaded. Saga my ass.

20 screens. 8 movies. 2 worth seeing. Any questions?

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