Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scorsese to shoot 'Hugo Cabret' in 3D -

Some people may cry foul on this - Roger Ebert, the critic closest to the director, and a 3D detractor, chided Scorsese on Twitter, typing:

Marty! Marty! Can you hear me, lad? This is Father O'Malley. Don't do it, Marty! I'm beggin'. Don't jump!

I can see where Ebert's coming from - Scorsese has an "old school" vibe to his directing, which may make this venture seem like jumping on the bandwagon. But Honestly, the idea of Scorsese kid-lit fascinates me - and the idea that Scorsese will SHOOT in 3D (a la Avatar) and not just post-convert a la Alice in Wonderland, makes it all the more intriguing. Few people have as good a command of film as Scorsese - I trust him to get 3D right.

One friend of mine theorized that 3D may die by the time this film comes out in 2011. Perhaps. But then there was a director who made a movie in the original 3D craze who said something to the effect of "3D was an eight-day phenomenon, and I came in on the ninth day."

The film was Dial M for Murder. The director was Alfred Hitchcock. Didn't exacltly hurt him, did it?

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Allison Dickson said...

I think it will be pretty sad to see 3D die, considering what James Cameron did for the technology, but then again leave it to all the cheapskate copycats to take something and mutilate it until people turn against it entirely.