Monday, March 15, 2010

Why shortening the DVD window is 'dumb'

Per David Poland of Movie City News.

As someone who still preaches the value of the theatrical experience, I'm inclined to agree, especially in the wake of Avatar's mega-success. This is typical short-sightedness by Hollywood execs who can't see out any further than a fiscal year. I realize I'm among the dwindling numbers of people who go to the theater frequently, but to say that the theatrical experience is on the way out betrays a lack of vision and thought.

What do you think? Is shortening the window from theatrical to DVD a good idea or a bad idea?

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Anonymous said...

I think you miss the point. More and more people cannot continue to shell out over $10 a ticket to see a movie once. The cost of seeing a movie once for 2 people is the same price as buying the movie and seeing it multiple times with as many people as you want. The economics of life these days means that more people will wait to buy the movie. I am of course not even factoring in the cost of candy, popcorn and sodas. Shortening the window allows the studios to take advantage of their marketing plans and the hype of a well received movie. The studios are simply recognizing the bottom line. I do not think it is short sighted at all. I think it is a smart movie. Look at the Blind Side. People who want to see it in the theater will do so even after it comes out on DVD. The theater owners will continue to play it if they are making movie. A flop like When in Rome did not do well, so why not release it on DVD and try to capture some of the money?