Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pithy DVD catch-up

Time to get back in the swing of things vis-a-vis D-V-D. Since I have a fair amount of titles to catch up on, and I have another post in mind, I'll do these pithily.

New This Week

Ponyo: Should it have been Oscar nominated? Only The Secret of Kells knows for sure. GRADE: A-

2012:  Sorta entertaining junk about the world getting trashed. Full review - GRADE: B-
Where the Wild Things Are: Not as bad as audiences seemed to think, but not as great as some critics said it was. Full review - GRADE: B

Out Now

The Box: Did it really deserve that F Cinemascore it got? I'm almost curious to find out. Almost.

Cirque du Freak:   Vampire du Overkill?
The Damned United The rare sports movie (and even rarer soccer movie) that might actually interest me.

The Informant!:  Matt Damon AND composer Marvin Hamlisch should have been nominated. Full review - GRADE: A

Make Way for Tomorrow: Long lost Leo McCarey on DVD? Make way on my Netflix queue!

Sorority Row: Tuition denied.

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