Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DVDs - A Serious Man a MUST-see

This week's DVDs are, on the whole, pretty underwhelming, but one particular title redeems the whole lot of 'em.

Bronson: Actually, no, this title isn't it. but this film, about a man regarded as "Britian's most dangerous prisoner"  garnered enough acclaim in some circles that I'm curious to check it out. And yes, he was named for the actor.

Couples Retreat: No, this wasn't it either. I like a lot of the players in this movie, but it just never generated enough buzz to make me want to see it.

A Serious Man - Yes, THIS is that one particular title. The Coens latest was one of 2009's very best films, and this DVD is SO mine. And it prompted (so I was told) one of my best pieces of writing.

The Stepfather: Ho-hum. Another horror remake that made nary a tremor.

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