Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spider Man 4? Spider-Man 1.2?

So today comes the news that both Tobey Magure and Sam Raimi have bailed on Spider-Man 4, with the studio planning to "reboot"  Spidey with a new, younger actor and a new director.

In a way, I'm not all that surprised. From what I've read, Raimi and his folks couldn't whip the screenplay into shape in time. Perhaps they smelled signs of the troubles that dogged Spider-Man 3, which made it a not-so-spectacular step down from the first two. Raimi was clearly burnt out on that film, which was way it was so nice to see him regain his energy with Drag Me to Hell. Spider-Man 4 seemed like an inevitable step backward.

On the other hand, I am suspicious of Sony's motives of wanting to put Peter Parker back in high school. That smells like a transparent attempt to appeal to "the kids." I've already heard people grumbling about Spidey going the way of Twilight.

I'm not quite THAT alarmed yet. I'm in a wait-and-see mode until they announce the new star and director. I can't think of anybody offhand who would be good for Spidey, but I like the idea that David Poland floats on the Hot Blog - Neill Blomkmap, director of District 9.

For now, picture me with one raised eyebrow and a bunch of squiggly lines around my head ... what do you think?

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