Friday, January 15, 2010

Previews before reviews - in theaters 1/15/10

New wrinkle this week: Hyperlinks of the titles go their entries on Metacritic, which I find a much more accurate barometer of critical taste than Rotten Tomatoes.

The Book of Eli: The Hughes Brothers return to theaters after a long absence (their last film was the strange if underrated thriller From Hell, nine years ago) and buzz is decidedly mixed. Even the best reviews are only B-range. I'll probably catch it at some point,  but I still need to see Leap Year. Amy comes first.

The Lovely Bones: I know critical word on this has been unenthusiastic - so much so the film has all but disappeared from Oscar contention, Stanley Tucci's performance aside. But I have to say I'm suspicious of the the reviews - too many of them read, "Waaaah - it's not the book!" The movie may be great, it may not, but I wish some critics would review the movie that's up there on the screen rather than the one they have filmed in their heads. It's Peter Jackson - even if it's a miss, it's bound to be an interesting one.

The Spy Next Door: Jackie Chan is a gifted physical comedian, but I doubt even he can make a movie work when the director is Brian Levant, the maestro behind such classic family fare as both Flintstones movies, Jingle All the Way and Are We There Yet? My answer to that last question? No.

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