Thursday, January 07, 2010

Previews before reviews - In theaters 1/8/10

It's a ways till Easter yet, but nevertheless, today I resurrect a feature from my newspaper blog: A look at what's opening in theaters each week. Despite the rhyming post title, I cannot review every movie out there, and now that this blog is entirely my own domain, I am no longer obliged to critique certain titles. (Mr. Bay, that means you.)

Even so, I will preview as many of them as I can. My selections will always be based on the Dayton market, your selections may vary.

Daybreakers: I was going to say I'm so over the vampire thing, but then again, I was never that much into the vampire thing at all, unless it was Kate Beckinsale in tight leather. I'm also over films directed by brothers I'll probably never hear from again.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: I plan to see this Saturday and am very much looking forward to tt. Terry Gilliam had been one of my favorite directors, but has been on a cold streak post-Twelve Monkeys. I have a feeling this represents a return to form. 

Leap Year: Um, I kinda hafta. It's Amy.

Youth in Revolt: The trailer looks amusing enough, but not gotta-see-it now enough - even though I have liked Michael Cera and director Miguel Arteta (The Good Girl) in the past.

Anything catch your interest?


HollyGoKimsy said...

"Daybreakers" looks extremely intriguing to me. The only question I have concerns the release date. Although considering January films suck and this is a vampire movie it may be ok.

(PS Underworld wasn't that great. For a decent vampire show, try "True Blood". For a film, try "Blade: Trinity".)

The Michael Cera film I have ZERO interest in - I'm quite done with him and the same character film after film after film. No range there.

As much as I enjoy Amy's work, I think this is another misstep. Why release a movie called "Leap Day" in February anyway? Possibly because of "Valentine's Day", I guess, which is sure to be better.

Sir Critic said...

I didn't say Underworld was great, I said I liked Kate Beckinsale in it! Bit of a difference! ;)

Scott Copeland said...

I'm going to Dr. Parnassus Saturday with my friend Eric.