Sunday, January 17, 2010

Live-blogging the Golden Globes

OK folks, I've decided to do this EW-style - one post for the whole show. To see the latest updates,  just keep hitting reload or refresh, or whatever your browser calls it.

Show and live-blog start in roughly ten minutes.

I am intentionally avoiding the red carpet stuff for this show, cos the Globes are funky enough as they are. That, and I value my brain cells.

Billy Bush --- ucch. My mind is going .... my mind is going ....

I heard beeping just as Gervais started. Turned out to be the local weather alert. I had been thinking "Wow, he's offending people already!"

Gervais - One thing that can't be bought is a Golden Globe - officially. -- OK, I like that line!

Plastic surgery joke. THAT's never been done before. Followed by dick jokes. I just don't find Gervais all that amusing.


Tough to guess. I'm rooting for Kendrick, guessing Mo'nique. She wins the applause-o-meter, certainly.

And I and the applause are right. No problem here. She was great in the film, though  I know at least one of my friends strongly disagrees.

PS - I won't be commenting on TV awards much if at all, since I pay so little attention to TV.

Hey, words that get MY attention - Paul McCartney is next! (He's up for Best Song)

Using Yellow Submarine to introduce Sir Paul - interesting choice!


This ought to be UP - the HFPA are big on Pixar, as they should be ....

... and they are! YAY!

Wow  - Pete Docter, a man I've met, getting an award from a man I hope to meet someday! My mind just blew a little. Maybe I should call Pete and ask if he can hook me up ....

Kate Hudson introduces NINE and personally BEGS people to see it so they can do more than recoup the craft services budget.

And now to snooze a bit while the HFPA head talkzzzzzzzzz ...

You know,  I really hate these montages they play when they present the nominated films. They're even less informative than trailers -  they tell you absolutely nothing about the movies and are a waste of time.


I don't have a good guess here. Could be Sir Paul, could be the CRAZY HEART tune ...

... and it's the CRAZY HEART tune. Very anxious to see the film. Don't feel that bad for Paul - it's nit one of his better tunes. Yes, you just witnessed me say something semi-negative about a Beatle. Write down the date!

And that may be one of the strangest acceptance speeches I've seen.


Again, this ought to be UP, although I'll have no problem if THE INFORMANT wins.

And UP deservedly triumphs. Giacchino is one of the best composers working today. Just a few notes of Ellie's theme makes me tear up ...

Ah my dear pregnant (sniff) Amy Adams - presenting a TV award. Strange. Oh well. Always glad to see her. Will probably see LEAP YEAR Monday. 


Hmm. Bullock or Streep? I'll guess streep, since Sandy is likely to get drama, unless Meryl splits ...

... and she doesn't. Meryl for J&J - most deserved.

"I want to change my name to T-Bone Streep" - LOL! Entertaining as always.

Random thought - you know, if they're really so concerned about saving time on this show, they really ought to seat the nominees closer to the stage.


I did see Drew Barrymore's perf in GRAY GARDENS - very impressive, especially if you see the documentary on which it was based. She nailed it.


This goes to either UP IN THE AIR ... I think ....

... and I think correctly. SUPERB screenplay. Absolutely outstanding. Reitman seems to be such a genuine guy. Nice speech. See the movie if you have not already.

And Sophia Loren gets a standing O JUST for being Sophia. There's a measure of success - when you can get a standing O just by walking in a room.


THE WHITE RIBBON has the most acclaim  ... and has the Globe too.  No surprise there. Looks gorgeous. There seems to be a maxim here - the less famous you are, the quicker you get cut off.


You know, I've never seen BIG LOVE, but I gotta like any show that uses "God Only Knows" as a key song.


I think this is pretty clearly Christoph Waltz - and I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I  think that film is a bit overrated, but Waltz is absolutely the best thing about it.


Presented to last year's presenter - Marty, AKA Mr. Scorsese, AKA The Man AKA The Greatest Living Director. Love that he's billed as a "preservationist." And is that the score for KUNDUN? Wow.
Montage is quite well done - gives you a good idea of his visual energy.

Immensely classy speech as ever - one that really drives home the point that movies are never truly "old" unless they fade from memory - and few, if any of his ever will.


This is one of the exes - either Cameron or Bigelow, who used to be married to each other. I'll step put on a limb a bit and say Bigelow.

Ah, no, the other ex got it! He really did do revolutionary work. He gives Kathryn her due, as she so well deserves. And I have this sense that it really could win Best Picture - both here and at the Oscars. It's momentum is just too powerful.


Not at ALL surprised by GLEE's wiin. That show has been the phenomenon of the season. Very much enjoyed the one show I saw, with my 2nd favorite Broadway actress, Kristin Chenoweth.


A month ago, I would have said NINE, but the film has fared so poorly at the box office. I'll guess JULIE AND JULIA ...

and WOW! THE HANGOVER gets it. That's a genuine surprise! Really funny movie, but I thought it too crass for the HFPA's taste. (Insert joke here about how the HFPA voters were plied with alcohol.)


I'll guess Sandy here, although I hope for Carey Mulligan ...

and most of my guesses have been good tonight. Very solid performance in a film that's a bit overrated but still affecting.


I'll defer to the best perf here, Matt Damon in THE INFORMANT!

WHAT?????!!! DOWNEY??? For THAT film??? You have GOT to be kidding me! I enjoyed his work, but good grief - that wasn't that far removed from Tony Stark with a British accent and a violin. They BLEW that call!


Bridges could well get this, but so could Clooney ...

And Bridges got it! He is absolutely UNSTOPPABLE for the Oscar now. I just don't see anyone beating him.


So am I right that AVATAR has too much momentum? ...

Yep, sure am! I'm getting closer to predicting it for the Oscar.

I've been sitting here for three-some hours now and I'm getting keyboard weary, so I will save my review of the underrated THE LOVELY BONES for later - though I just dropped y'all a hint.

For now, what did you think of the show and the winners?


Rob said...

Let's hope Oscar voters have seen a freaking 3D animated movie before. Avatar winning Best Picture is a joke.

Scott Copeland said...

The Golden Globes forgot to be the Golden Globes. What made the show entertaining was letting the speeches breathe, and the speeches were more memorable than other shows. But the time limits were omnipresent last night, and it sucked the life out of the show. Other than Downey and Streep, the speeches were just lists of names. So the Globes are now just another show. What a shame.