Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Home (Re)Viewing: The Hurt Locker and more

The Brothers Bloom: This was released to on-demand feeds months ago, and only today gets a disc release. It tries a little too hard to be stylish and off-kilter, but it's charm of this oddball heist picture is still endearing, especially whenever Rachel Weisz is onscreen. GRADE: B+ 

Departures: Won the best Foreign Language film Oscar. Did it deserve it?

Fame: I watched the original last year and quite liked it. Something tells me I don't need to see a glossy, sanitized remake.

Halloween II: I hated the first one, or the ninth one, or the 219th one, or whatever the hell number it was. Rob Zombie may have some technical skill as a director, but as a storyteller, he's worthless.

The Hurt Locker: Talk about going from one extreme to the other! That said, I'm not quite as sky-high on tis Iraq war movie  as many critics are, because, in a way, the film is almost TOO good. It does such an amazing job of putting the viewer in the desert with the troops and ratcheting up the tension, that when the movie makes a homefront detour, it loses steam. I suppose that's partly the point, but I didn't need to see the homefront to know the lead character feels out of place there. It felt like a superfluous deleted scene. On the whole however, the movie is excellently acted, especially by lead Jeremy Renner, and brlliantly directed by Kathryn Bigelow. GRADE: A

I Can Do Bad All By Myself: As has been stated before, Tyler Perry does not engage my interest.

In the Loop: This got some acclaim on some best-of lists last year; I will be checking it out.

Moon: Absolutely fascinating take on isolation and identity with a sterling performance by Sam Rockwell as a moon explorer who meets his double. It cribs perhaps a little too obviously from 2001, but it's still an impressive debut by director Duncan Jones - son of one David Bowie. GRADE: A-

Post Grad: Too bad Alexis Bledel can't find better vehicles than this, I always thought she was pretty cute - maybe that's just because I saw her from a distance on the Gilmore Girls set on the WB lot years ago.

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