Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Catching up with DVDs in 2010

Today's releases

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: I must confess I never got around to this animated film, even though it did surprisingly well. Anyone want to fill me and the readers in on this one? Is it worth it without the 3D?

The Final Destination: Whatever - they say "final" every damn time and it never is. Maybe George Carlin was wrong. All destinies are NOT final after all.

Out Now and as Yet Unreviewed by Me (so much for pithy)

Jennifer's Body: This movie suffered rigor mortis at the hands of most critics and most people who saw it. Consider me scared away.

The Marine 2: (Stifles laughter)

9:  I can recommend this film on the strength of the visuals alone. Simply put, this is the most gorgeous computer-animated film not made by Pixar. Now if only it didn't have such a wisp of a story. Full review - GRADE: B+

Paranormal Activity: The scariest movie of all time? Hardly. That said, it is an often ingenious thrill (chill?) ride, although it poses an interesting question. Having been shot via camcorders, one would think this movie would play ideally at home - but will the effect be the same without a large audience? Full review - GRADE: B

A Perfect Getaway:  Never made many waves one way or the next. I can only wonder when David Twohy will direct somethihng as lean and proficient as Pitch Black again.

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