Saturday, November 14, 2009

A new Amy Adams trailer? GOTTA blog about THAT!

Over on EW's Popwatch blog, writer Missy Schwartz laments the fact that Leap Year, the new romantic comedy with Amy Adams, looks rather lame, especially for a  star as luminous as Amy.

OK, I've gotta say something about this. For the handful of you who may not be familiar with me, Sir Critic is not only the Steely-Eyed Moviegoing Man, he is also The Man with a Giant Shameless Crush on the Delightful Amy Adams.

So when I hear a movie trailer with Amy Adams looks lame, my automatic response must be, "But it's Amy."

Now, I am not totally blind, I just wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to Ms. Adams. I can easily spot trouble signs and cliches aplenty in this trailer.

Scene with girls trying on fancy dresses? Check.

But it's Amy.

Scene with sassy best bud? Check.

But it's Amy.

Solid old actor pro (John Lithgow) in the role of the father? Check.

But it's Amy.

Dopey "I'm nothing without a man" plot? Check.

But it's Amy.

Scene where our heroine confronts a phobia? Check.

But it's Amy.

Wacky fall-down drunk? Check.

But it's Amy.

Meet cute with a smart-ass antagonistic guy she'll obviously fall for? Check.

But it's Amy.

Fake-looking greenscreen footage that reveals the movie was obviously not shot on location? Check.

But it's Amy.

Attempted hilarity with uncooperative animals? Check.

But it's Amy.

Circumstances force would-be couple to get snuggly n' smoochy? Check.

But it's Amy.

Scene where guy sees girl kinda nekkid? Check.

But it's Amy. And Amy ... um, wow. Nevermind.

Unexpected kiss prompts bolt of lightning moment? Check.

But it's Amy!

Guy number one reappears to ruin everything? Check.

But it's Amy, I say! 

Movie trailer apparently telegraphs entire plot?  Check.

But it's Amy, I tell you!

Movie being released in the quality graveyard month of January? Check.

But it's Amy, dammit!!

Much as I hate to admit it, this movie looks like it could be Amy's first bad choice since she co-starred in The Wedding Date. But will I see it? You'd better believe it. I will watch Amy in anything. She could spend an entire movie swatting flies and I'd find it appealing.

And just to show it's not ALL about Amy, I will also point out the director credit gives me hope. It's Anand Tucker, who made two very fine films, Shopgirl, and Hilary and Jackie. That said, good directors have been known to be neutered by the rom-com machine before.

But then again ... it IS Amy.


Scott Copeland said...

Uh... Amy's last bad movie choice was not The Wedding Date. It was A Night at the Museum 2.

On the positive side, one of the writers is Simon Beaufoy, who not only has written for Amy before with Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, but won an Oscar for the last film he did, Slumdog Millionaire.

Sir Critic said...

Actually, I would counter that since Amy was far and away the best thing about NATM 2, it was not a bad choice for her. That movie made her look especially good. Bad movie, yes. Bad movie choice, no. The Wedding Date is different because she added nothing to it.

ME said...

I liked her in Sunshine Cleaning. A small not very fast moving movie that was pretty good because she was in it!

Anonymous said...
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