Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What movie(s) would you watch on your birthday?

It's my birthday today as I type this, and I point that out not for selfish reasons, but for a curious one. Yes, I've got a question on my mind.

What is the ideal movie to play on your birthday?

One might think, "Well, that's easy, it's gotta be your favorite movie, right?"

Well, no, not necessarily. If I had to name one movie as my favorite, it would probably be Hitchcock's Vertigo, which I DO love, but I really don't care to have my heart ripped apart on my birthday. If I were to watch something of Hitchcock, it would be something a little less foreboding, like maybe Rear Window, or North By Northwest, or To Catch A Thief, so I can stare at Grace Kelly for hours. (Or Eva Marie Saint, if I go NBNW).

Besides the Hitchcocks, I'm also liable to watch something musical - either the pure bliss of Singin' in the Rain or the adrenaline rush of A Hard Day's Night. I'm sure both come as giant shocks to those of you who know me well.

So what did I watch on my birthday this year? Nothing, I'm afraid. I spent my evening at dinner with my family, then when I got home I blogged for you all instead of watching those movies! Aren't I altruistic?

So what would be the movie you would watch on your birthdays?


Allison Dickson said...

ANYTHING but the crappy horror movies that usually come out around my birthday, which is in 13 days. lol

Kim said...

Ah - a fellow Libra! Happy birthday! Since I'm a Libra too - I couldn't possibly decide what to watch on my birthday - ha! I'm with you though - I would prefer a "feel good" movie - a musical would be a great choice.