Monday, October 12, 2009

More fun with Gene Kelly - On the Town Trivia!

Yes, just as sequels invade movie theaters, they also invade movie blogs. But this one is fun and isn't just an excuse for me to make money!

After watching Anatomy of a Dancer, the Gene Kelly American Masters profile I mentioned in my previous post,  I showed it to my best friend, Scott Copeland, who is also a big fan of musicals and Gene Kelly in particular. After watching that, I showed him On the Town, which he had never seen before.

I had seen it a number of times before, but Sunday it seemed especially fresh. One of my favorite things to do after I watch a movie, especially a classic movie, is to look up trivia about it on the IMDB.

I hadn't seen On the Town in awhile, and one thing that was driving me nuts was trying to place the face of the actress who played Lucy Shmeeler, Betty Garret's congested roomie. A click on the IMDB reveals she was none other than Alice Pearce - Gladys Kravitz on Bewtiched!

Other great trivia RE: On the Town:

Jules Munshin was terrified of heights. While performing on the tiny rooftop during the song "New York, New York" the only way he could perform the number was while one end of a rope was secured around his waist under his sailor suit. The other end of the rope was secured, off camera, to Stanley Donen. And even so, alert viewers of the scene will notice that during the scene Munshin is almost always touching a wall or a prop or another actor.

Judy Holliday dubbed in the following line of dialogue for a uncredited bit player billed as Daisy: "The grass is always greener, if ya know what I mean."

And my personal favorite:

Robert Williams, who plays the police sergeant in Car 44, also played the policeman who chases Gene Kelly off the street at the end of the title number in Singin' in the Rain (1952).

(Hey, Warner Home Video - hoow come there's no extras-laden two-DVD set for this like there is for Singin' in the Rain or An American in Paris?)

 What interesting facts have you found using IMDB after watching a movie? 

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