Tuesday, October 06, 2009

EVERY movie I've seen this year

Now that I've moved to this "private" blog, I lament the fact that I won't be able to do day-and-date reviews any longer, but if you think that means it will stop me from seeing movies in a theater, ye don't know me very well, do ye?

Every year since 1995, I have seen at LEAST 100 films in the theater - and that was seven years before my reviews began appearing in print. I keep lists. For the theatricals, anything I've seen on the big screen gets listed, whether the movie is old or new. Repeat viewings do not count toward the number, but are denoted by an X# next to the title. Here's everything so far this year.
1.    Valkyrie    B
2.    The Reader    C-
3.    Doubt        A
4.    Frost/Nixon    A
5.    Gran Torino    B+
6.    The Curious Case of Benjamin  Button X2    B+
7.    Marley and Me    B+
8.    Defiance    B+
9.    Revolutionary Road     A
10.    Rachel Getting Married    A
11.    The Wrestler    A
12.    Push    B
13.    Slumdog Millionaire X3    A+
14.    Coraline    A
15.    Taken    B
16.    The International    B
17.    Milk    B
18.    Frost/Nixon    A
19.    I've Loved You So Long    A
20.    Inkheart    B
21.    Watchmen    C
22.    Race to Witch Mountain    B
23.    Knowing    C-
24.    Monsters vs. Aliens    B
25.    The Godfather    A+
26.    The Godfather Part II    A
27.    Adventureland X2    A
28.    Sunshine Cleaning    A-
29.    Duplicity    A
30.    I Love You, Man    B+
31.    Paul Blart Mall Cop    C
32.    Observe and Report    B
33.    17 Again    C+
34.    Vertigo  X2    A+
35.    State of Play    B+
36.    The Soloist    B
37.    He's Just Not That Into You    B-
38.    Last Chance Harvey    B
39.    Ghosts of Girlfriends Past    C
40.    Wolverine    C+
41.    Star Trek x2    A
42.    Angels & Demons    C+
43.    Up  x4    A+
44.    Terminator Salvation    C+
45.    Drag Me to Hell    B+
46.    Night at the Museum, Battle for the  Smithsonian    C
47.    The Hangover    A-
48.    12    B+
49.    Paris 36    C
50.    The Taking of Pelham 123    B
51.    The Proposal    B-
52.    The Brothers Bloom    B
53.    Transformers: ROTF    D
54.    Away We Go    B+
55.    Public Enemies    A-
56.    Whatever Works    B
57.    The Seven Year Itch    B
58.    Bruno    C
59.    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince    A
60.    Moon    A-
61.    The Ugly Truth    C+
62.    The Philadelphia Story    A+
63.    Harvey    B+
64.    Every Little Step    A
65.    500 Days of Summer    A+
66.    Funny People    B+
67.    The Hurt Locker    A-
68.    King Kong    A+
69.    Julie & Julia    A-
70.    To Kill a Mockingbird    A+
71.    Inglourious Basterds    B+
72.    District 9 x2    A
73.    Ponyo    A
74.    9    B
75.    Jaws    A+
76.    A Hard Day's Night    A+
77.    The Informant!    A
78.    Surrogates    C+
79.    Whip It    B+
80.    Zombieland    B+
81.    Bright Star    B-
82.    Capitalism: A Love Story    B+

Oh, and that's not quite all. There are the films I've seen on the small screen too. That's a whole other list. 

1.    Paranoid Park    B+
2.    Kiss of the Vampire    D-
3.    Jeremiah Johnson    B
4.    Point Blank    B+
5.    Jesus Camp    B
6.    Now Voyager    A-
7.    Brief Encounter    A+
8.    Che Part One    B+
9.    Che Part Two    B-
10.    The Pajama Game    B+
11.    The Way We Were     B
12.    Escape to Witch Mountain     B+
13.    Why We Fight    A-
14.    In the Heat of the Night    B+
15.    Hail the Conquering Hero    A-
16.    Let the Right One In    A-
17.    The Palm Beach Story    A-
18.    Three Days of the Condor    A-
19.    The Man in the White Suit    A-
20.    You Can't Take It With  You    A
21.    Preston Sturges: The Rise and Fall of an American  Dreamer   A
22.    Serpico    A
23.    The Hunchback of Notre  Dame (1939)    B+
24.    I was a Male War Bride    A-
25.    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)    B+
26.    Gun Crazy    A
27.    Unfaithfully Yours    A
28.    Pygmalion    B
29.    The Electric Horseman    B
30.    Throne of Blood    A+
31.    Nothing but the Truth    A-
32.    Sherrybaby    B+
33.    Excalibur    B+
34.    They Were Expendable    B+
35.    Tsotsi    B
36.    The Children's Hour    A
37.    Robin and Marian    B+
38.    The Front Page (1974)    B
39.    The Fortune Cookie    A-
40.    A Child is Waiting    B+
41.    A Place in the Sun    B+
42.    The Champ    A
43.    The Big Parade    A-
44.    The Crowd    A
45.    David Copperfield    A-
46.    The Little Princess    B
47.    The Gay Divorcee    A-
48.    The Thief of Baghdad    A
49.    Waltz with Bashir    A
50.    The Women    A-
51.    The Breakfast Club    A-
52.    The Class    A-
53.    Fast Times at Ridgemont  High     B
54.    Goodbye Mr. Chips    B+
55.    These Three    A-
56.    Bubble    B+
57.    Great Expectations    A
58.    Becket    A
59.    Young Mr. Lincoln    A
60.    Two Lovers    A-
61.    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir    A-
62.    Topaz    B
63.    Johnny Guitar    A-
64.    Camille    A
65.    Dr. Jekkyl and Mr, Hyde (1931)    A-
66.    3:10 to Yuma    B+
67.    Gilda    B+

Hey, what can I say? I gotta be me.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you gave "Observe and Report" a "B." I rented it on Movies On Demand last week and cannot believe I have to have that even appear on my Time Warner statement this month. Soooooo awful. But probably not as awful as I thought "Tropical Thunder" was. That's still my all time most hated movie. — Mandy

Allison Dickson said...

Oh my god... I love Tropic Thunder. LOL It just goes to show what really works for one person is a total failure for another. :)